Sunday Morning Over Easy: Blind Pilot

Blind Pilot - 3 Rounds and SoundOne of the things that I love about new music is when you find something that comes out of nowhere and truly captivates you.  Not because someone told you it was great or it’s something all the cool kids are listening to, but rather because it spoke to you in a time and circumstance.  These are the albums and artists that endure.

So when my girlfriend and I headed to Kansas City, we made sure to have some fresh tunes loaded for the 7 hour haul.  Blind Pilot had recently popped up on her Pandora and taking note of it, she bought the album and and said “hey, check out this band Blind Pilot.”  She proceeded to press play as we merged on to I-35 and I think we listened to their album 3 Rounds and a Sound 4 times through before we changed our soundtrack.  Though we revisited Blind Pilot again and again throughout the trip and on the way back.

The album came out in 2008, which this kind of ‘retro-active discovery’ always makes me wonder what the hell I was listening to at the time and why it took 5 years to come across this band.  They have a new album, We are the Tide, which was released in 2011, which again begs the question, where have I been?  I guess this is the ultimate beauty and tragedy of ‘music discovery.’  It takes years to percolate and you know there’s more out there that you’re missing.

Anyway, Blind Pilot crafts vibrant folk/pop (I’m not exactly sure what the term means, but it’s the best I could attach to it) that’s oddly moody and uplifting at the same time.  The songs are meant for staring out windows and deep contemplation, but you find your spirit lifted, not depressed after each listen.  My personal favorite is “One Red Thread,” but you can’t go wrong with this great band.

So as the day slowly ticks on and the 3rd cup of coffee is poured, do yourself a favor and take Sunday morning easy with multiple listens of Blind Pilot’s 3 Rounds and a Sound!


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